Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, this two year project aimed to develop understanding of refugee integration in the UK by focusing upon onward migration after dispersal.  Despite the aim of dispersal to determine local and national movements of asylum seekers, there has been surprisingly little attention paid to the role played by current UK dispersal policy in onward migration.  Very little is still known about where refugees settle and why they decide to move location or remain in dispersal sites after being granted status.  This research project plugs this knowledge gap.  The project consisted of quantitative analysis and 83 in-depth interviews with refugees across the UK.

The findings from this research project are of interest to academics working in a number of fields including refugee studies and migration studies. The research is also useful to policymakers such as the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and the Home Office as well as local service providers by providing detailed information on the movements of refugees in local areas.

**Please read more about the research in the Full Report, Executive Summary and Policy Briefings.**